Sunday, January 29, 2012

At NAIA Terminal 3 Again

I'm at Cafe France again eating while waiting for my CEB flight to Gen San.  Getting connected to Globe's free WiFi service was a lot more complicated this time.  Took several attempts of disconnect/reconnect before I got through.  When I last used it, it was a really simple process of just connecting to the access point.  Now, they added a redirect to MIAA's web page first.

I noticed that the escalators from the Level 3 departure area to the Level 4 shops/restaurants area are all still "under repair".  They were like that when I was here last month!  I guess if people are desperate enough to want to go up, then they will look for the elevator at the back hall.  But casual passengers would just skip the stores altogether and head straight in to the pre-departure area.  I pity the concessionaires/tenants at Level 4.  There must be almost no business.

In  one of the elevators being repaired (yes, there are actually maintenance men fixing it), there was my pet peeve repair "on-going" sign.   Sigh.... this is actually the second time I've seen the "on-going" sign in the past 2 days.  Yesterday, it was along Libis where road repairs were also "on-going".

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