Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Bungi Family

I bit on something really hard about 3 weeks ago while eating pizza.  I cracked my upper left molar (the one next to the incisor).  The fracture has been bothering me for several days, and finally today, I decided to have it removed!

It was actually not as painful as I was expecting.  Kudos to Dr. Alicia Tan of Mt. Sinai Dental Clinic!  She did inject anesthesia to numb my gums.  But pulling the tooth out turned out to be very effortless.  I hardly felt anything.

Caitlin also had a tooth extracted because her permanent tooth underneath was already pushing it out.  Ethan lost one of his front tooth about a month ago.  Then he lost the other one while playing badminton a couple of weeks ago.  So here we are -- all with missing teeth.
Look at our missing teeth!

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