Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taking the Camry for a spin

I had a meeting at Clark, Pampanga today with a client so I took our new Toyota Camry for its first long distance drive.  I've been wanting to figure out what its mileage is like under a long, smooth driving condition with no traffic.  One of the nifty features of the car's dashboard is a real-time calculator of its gasoline mileage.  Under Manila's normal city traffic conditions, the best I can do is between 6 to 8 km/liter under "Eco Drive" mode.  A long distance drive with no traffic should show a much better performance.

At its peak, I was able to clock a sweet 16.1 km/liter!  I cruised between 80 to 110 kmph during the whole stretch.  It seems that the optimal mileage can be reached by the car if you set it at cruise control and just let the computer take over; or maybe it was just my imagination.  Sigh... if only inner city driving was as fuel efficient.

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