Monday, April 7, 2008

Catching Up On My Recorded Videos

After suffering from a really bad cough and cold (which I got from the kids and Cols) the past 2 days, my body finally gave up and I came down with fever. There is no work today anyway. Its a holiday today because of the Arroyo government's policy of moving a national holiday to the nearest Monday or Friday. So they moved the April 9 Araw ng Kagitingan holiday to today (April 7).

So anyway, since my body is aching all over, I just stayed home today and caught up on several movies that I've recorded on my personal video recorder. I normally go through the schedule guide of HBO Asia and Star Movies at the start of the month to know what movies to record for the whole month. One of the movies that caught my attention last month was a 3-part mini-series on Star Movies entitled The Lost Room. It originally came out in Sci-Fi Channel in the US in Dec 2006. I did not know what the movie was about other than the short synopsis listed at Star's website. But I'm really glad I recorded it. This is a very good 3-part series!

The basic premise of the movie is the existence of a motel room #10 that seems to be floating in a different plane of reality. The Key can be used to open any door and it will lead you to this "lost" room. Then from the lost room, you can exit from any door, anywhere in the world by just picturing it in your mind. The plot is quite complicated and it will not do any justice for me to explain it by myself. So I'll just provide this link to an entry in Wikipedia about The Lost Room which does a pretty good job is summing up the plot.

Each episode is about 1.5 hr long. So the 3 episodes totaled to 4.5 hrs. But its so engrossing that you would want to watch it from start to end in one sitting -- which I did! But I have to admit -- while I enjoyed the story development, the ending kind of left me hanging. I did not really understand the ending. Since Joe Miller killed the Occupant, and took his place as the Prime Object, shouldn't it also drive him raving mad and live in that detached reality? How did he figure out how to retrieve his missing daughter, Anna.

Reading through the Sci-Fi Channel's forum, it seems that I am not the only one baffled with this same issue. But there are explanations from other viewers, which was supposed to have been explained by the Occupant, and which I probably did not catch. Being the only object with consciousness, the Prime Object can survive room resets and can look for missing persons inside the room. I think I have to watch the last part of Episode 3 again and listen carefully to the dialogue.

Overall, I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes watching Twilight Zone or reading Neil Gaiman novels.

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