Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dad's Birthday

I already showered today but I'm not yet 100% back to normal. Cough and cols is still bad. We went to Valle in the morning with dad's birthday noodles. Cols and I got a P10k "ang-pao" each. From Valle, I passed by the Ortigas Home Depot to check on some floor tiles; then reported to work at The Peak.

In the evening, we celebrated at our new favorite restaurant -- Choi Garden at Annapolis, Greenhills. It was our turn to treat out dad. The usual family members where there -- Grandma, Grandpa, Tito Bert, Tita Lucy and Nadia (Nino is already in the US), Tita Car and her brother (Tito Ben is also abroad), Ilene and Kenneth. We had their famous fried pigeons. We ordered a bit too much because Cols thought they were baby pigeons, but turned out to be regular sized. So we had to take home a few pieces.

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