Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mozcom Bowling Tournament

Mozcom had a bowling tournament this Saturday morning at Paeng's Skybowl in Robinson's Galleria. The employees were grouped into 7 teams (red, yellow, light blue, dark blue, pink, black and green). I was with the red team. A couple of our players begged off due to health reasons. But since Jason del Rosario (a former ISE) was there to accompany Michelle Eduave (of CAG), we was recruited to our team.

We played 2 sets, with Magoo's serving lunch (I didn't know Magoo's sell rice and chicken) in between sets. While our team did not win, we were likewise not at the bottom of the list. Our score placed us just in the middle standing.

The games ended at around 2pm. Then the "special awards" were handed out. Apple (CAG assistant) won the Turtle Awards for having the slowest rolling bowling bowl. Jedi Pena (Marketing) won the Yo! Mama Award for being the most talkative. Danny (Mozcom driver) won the Best Body Language award; while Florence (of Customer Service) won the Best Celebratory Dance award. Kuya Larry (Doc T's driver) was the Most Distracting Bowler.

Here are some more pics taken from Lai de Guzman's camera.

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