Thursday, July 10, 2008

What Does It Take to be a Gold Record in the Philippines

With dwindling physical record/CD sales, the local recording industry has long been adjusting (or perhaps the more appropriate word is "lowering") their standards for awarding gold or platinum status to music albums. Well, as of July 2008, the exact figures are as follows:
Local albums only have to sell 12,500 copies (from 15,000) to achieve gold status, and 25,000 (from 30,000) to go platinum. Foreign albums are now certified gold with sales of 7,500 copies (from 10,000) and platinum with sales of 15,000 copies (from 20,000).

For now, I believe this is based on physical sales through record bars. I don't think they include digital purchases -- whether through web/PC with digital music stores like Fliptunes, or through mobile phone over-the-air download.

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