Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hot Meatballs on My Pants

It was pretty hot outside today during lunch hour. I decided to skip my new favorite lunchtime place (RCBC food court) in favor of the more convenient LKG Tower Food Court. I decided to go for the usual Sizzler since I haven't had that for some time.

Diners have been few in the LKG and PBCom food courts (both operated by Raintree) lately. Maybe most of them are trying out new places to eat (or maybe they're all going to RCBC's food court). A lot of the food stalls have closed. And a lot of space previously reserved for diners have been converted to kiosks selling clothes (ala ukay-ukay).

The Sizzler stall is quite big as they also serve local food under another brand name. I noticed there was nobody in the counter. The entire length of the very long counter was just manned by one lady. And inside the kitchen (behind the counter separated by a glass), you can see there's only 2 cooks. Hmm... business must be really slow. I went for the usual meatballs with sweet-and-sour sauce. It took some time to be served because the lone lady/cashier was tending to other customers at the same time.

The meatballs are served on a black sizzling plate. But by the time I got it onto a table, it was no longer sizzling. I tried slicing a meatball in the center, but it was hard already (probably because it cooled down?), so it popped out of my plate and landed between my legs -- with sweet-and-sour sauce and all! Grrrr... now my pants' left and right leg has orange blotches. And I still have to give a presentation this afternoon to the Friendster Philippines people. :(

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