Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Unending Hayden Kho Scandal Coverage

It seems that no matter if you're watching showbiz news, or regular news, the topic is all the same -- the proliferating sex videos of Hayden Kho with numerous personalities including Katrina Halili, doctor/commercial model Maricar Reyes, and an unknown Brazilian model (wow! Doc has been pretty busy!). In one hand, they're trying to protect the spreading of the video via the Internet. On the other hand, all these publicity is getting more and more people really curious (ahem, including myself) and increasing demand further. If they just kept it low-key, perhaps it wouldn't have gotten as bad as it has.

I'm not sure when the Maricar Reyes video happened. To be honest, I wasn't even aware of it (probably because they did not make a big fuss about it), nor did I know who she was. But after some research, it turns out that she's the commercial model in Modess and Ponds. YouTube videos of Maricar Reyes commercials can be found here.

What I found really annoying throughout all this, is actor-turned-politician Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla's involvement in all these topics as of late. Here's a senator that you hardly hear about the whole time he was sitting in the Senate. You don't hear him grilling the suspects in the ZTE scandal, or the Euro-General scandal, etc. Then suddenly, he's all over the place with this showbiz scandal. He's like a rabid shark that has tasted blood. He's getting lots of air-time in the news, in his privilege speech at the senate, etc.

Then yesterday, I saw him involved in yet-another showbiz-related issue. This time, with Hollywood actor, Alec Baldwin. From what I can tell, Baldwin guested in David Letterman's show and he made a joke about getting a Filipina mail-order bride. Of course, that triggered all sorts of racial protests, and guess who comes to the fray? Yes, none other than the showbiz crusader Sen. Bong Revilla again! This time, he challenges Baldwin to come to the Philippines so he can "beat him up".

Is it only in the Philippines or do politicians abroad also challenge people into a fisticuff whenever they make an offensive statement?  I wouldn't be surprised to get a reaction like that from an uneducated hooligan.  But from a senator?  Is that really the kind of image we want to impart to our youth?  That if you have a problem with what your classmate said, you settle it at the parking lot after school dismissal?

After all these brouhaha, will Katrina Halili's showbiz career really be affected? I kinda doubt it. Its not like she's known as a serious dramatic actress. She's a soft-porn star, for crying out loud! This incident will probably just make her even more popular. Look at Paris Hilton and the wonders that her sex videos have done for her career!

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Transformer said...

maybe the senator has a hidden political motivation/agenda in preparation for the incoming election?