Friday, August 28, 2009

Ethan's Filipino Program and the Annual General Meeting

Today was the culmination day of Ethan's Filipino week at Links, a pre-school we enrolled him to just outside our Tumana gate. He's been only going there for a couple of weeks and has since been able to adjust to being left alone minus the separation anxiety. It was a short program so I joined and left for the office afterwards.

From Ethan's Program

In the later afternoon, I went to Rockwell to attend our annual condominium association general assembly held at Luna Gardens. It is always "entertaining" to attend these sessions and listen to the gripes of our neighbors which range anywhere from legitimate issues, like security or maintenance, to those really petty ones. And always, there are the same "characters" who provide the entertainment like clockwork.

The meeting ended around 6:30pm and t was raining hard. Cols warned me ahead of traffic as our driver has been stuck on C5 and Katipunan for more than an hour after having dropped off Caitlin at Valle where she's sleeping over. I think it was a compendum of several factors (Friday + payday + rain + people going home to the province for the long weekend with Monday a holiday) that led to the "perfect storm" traffic. I got home past 8pm already.

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