Friday, August 7, 2009

Good Riddance to Dynasty Court Hotel

I couldn't sleep last night until past 2am in my hotel room (415) in Dynasty Court Hotel & Restaurant CDO! The blasted Pulse disco across the street (and just outside my window) was playing loud music until around 2am. Their bass was resonating really loudly and was causing my window pane to rattle.

To make matters worse, the losers who hang out outside the club was also adding their own noise. At past 1am, some jerk with a big bike revved up his engine and it may have well sounded as loud as an airplane's jet engine. Note to self: don't stay in Dynasty Court Hotel again in the future.

Breakfast "buffet" was served at the Chinese restaurant. There was not a hint of Chinese food though. Just your basic breakfast of rice, bacon, egg, bread. I ate just a little since it was part of the package anyway. Robin came by to pick me up past 8am and dropped me off at the airport. Time flew quickly on board as I just watched Dr. Who Season 4 on my old IBM ThinkPad.

Great to be back in Manila and in my comfortable bed!

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