Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tita Cory Passes Away

When I woke up this morning and went down for breakfast, Cols was watching the news. Turns out that ex-president Corazon Aquino has passed away early morning today after her long bout with cancer. Its a sad day for the nation as Tita Cory is a well-loved and respected leader. She has been a beacon for moral leadership from the time she took over Marcos until she stepped down after her term and resumed civilian life.

I don't recall the last time an ex-president died. The only ex-president that I can recall who died during my lifetime was Ferdinand Marcos, although I heard from the news report that Diosdado Macapagal, GMA's dad, passed away much later. I did not notice that strangely. Now if it were GMA who passed away (or even First Gentleman, Mike Arroyo), somehow, I can't imagine the nation being sad. In fact, there might even be celebrations in certain quarters.

In any case, GMA is currently in the US busy basking on US President Barrack Obama's glow. As usual, there are the usual tailgaters like Sen. Lito Lapid and the much criticized Rey Langit interview incident.

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