Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Barcoded Taxi?

I saw this taxi while driving along C5 the other day. It looks like an ordinary and unassuming white Toyota Vios except for the barcode printed on its bumper.

The barcode is actually the telephone number of the operator (or is it the LTFRB's).

I really just wonder though if it can actually be read by a regular barcode reader. Or even if it was a really huge reader, can it read it like a regular barcode? I would assume that the spaces between the bars have a maximum distance before a reader would assume that nothing follows anymore. So with such a large barcode, that limit must be exceeded. So it must be printed on the bumper just for aesthetic design purposes.

It would be interesting nonetheless if its possible to have the license plate printed in barcode form on the card so that it can easily be tagged when entering carparks, etc.

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