Friday, February 5, 2010

Brother HL-2040 Laser Printer

I bought a Brother HL-2040 laser printer about 5 years ago when they had this trade-in promo at Megamall. It seemed like a good deal (I think around P5k for the laser printer) and it came with a 3-year warranty.

My only issue with it then was there are not a lot of ink-refilling stations who are capable of refilling Brother cartridges unlike the more common HP's. The usual Ink-for-Less do not support Brother. We were eventually able to find one Inkman outlet at Tomas Morato who does.

In the past year or 2, the unit has been having chronic problems with paper jams. It has gotten to the point that its really annoying already and I'm considering junking it and buying a new printer altogether. I think the design of how the paper flows from the tray to the toner and out the printer is more complex as compared to how HP designed their printers. Our HP laser printer at the store is also 5 years old already and its working pretty well (and no problem with ink refills).

I'm now deciding whether I should get an HP entry-level laser printer (about P6k+) or an entry-level Samsung laser for almost half the price (about P3.2k). Or will I end up paying more in the future since there will not likely be a lot of refilling stations supporting Samsung cartridges. :)

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