Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The End of Time for Doctor Who

I stayed up past midnight last night watching Part 2 of The End of Time -- the finale for David Tennant's stint as as the tenth Doctor Who in the popular BBC sci-fi series. After 3 full seasons plus several Christmas specials, I guess David Tennant finally wanted to move on and called it quits. That's too bad since I think he was one of the best Doctors ever. The eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, has big shoes to fill.

I downloaded both Parts 1 & 2 in Quicktime's .mov format. The Part 2, however, was recorded from an HD source. My HP Mini's Intel Atom processor and graphics card couldn't keep up with the high definition video demand. It would skip/freeze the video often, with the audio just streaming normally. I guess this HP Mini is just good for watching standard definition movies.

The 2-part ending was a good farewell for David. It included cameo appearances of the major characters that were part of his series. As his way of "collecting his reward", he got a chance to bid farewell to Martha Jones (who is already married to Mickey Smith, former boyfriend of Rose Tyler, in the alternate universe he's trapped in -- how did she end up there?); to Rose Tyler (at Christmas Eve 2005 before she met him); to Captain Jack Harkness (that bar pick-up scene was great); and to Donna Noble's family. It was sad that they did not let Donna recover her memory of the Doctor -- at least, to properly say goodbye to him.

The Time Lords coming out of their imprisonment (I thought they were dead) with Timothy Dalton as their leader also provided a respite from the usual major baddie like the Daleks or the Master to end a season. Well, actually, the Master was part of the story line but he redeemed himself at the end when he realized he was just a pawn of the Time Lords.

The Doctor is supposed to have like 13 lives. With Matt Smith now playing the 11th "regeneration", I wonder if they will really kill the character off after 2 more future versions. Hopefully by that time, the writers would have figured out a loophole from this storyline. Incidentally, I heard The End of Time is also Russel T. Davis' last Dr. Who episode. He has been one of the prolific writer of the screenplays and would be missed by this blogger.

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