Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 2 of Wake

Grandpa's coffin was moved down to Chapel 1 on the ground floor for easier access. Flowers started coming in. While hanging around, I was reading some brochures about La Funeraria Paz. It seems that this funeral has been around for about a hundred years and has had the "honor" of holding the interment of such historical dignitaries as Apolinario Mabini and Melchora Aquino (aka. Tandang Sora).

While the facilities in general has not been upgraded much to modern standard at par with neighboring mortuaries like the Sanctuarium or the one at Heritage Park, they have at least installed Wifi access that can be accessed from the chapel. It was pretty slow though so Nikki couldn't really use it for Skype. It was ok for GMail.

Wifi access also requires a password that one can easily acquire by calling the admin office. But given that there are really no neighboring office buildings, I wonder why even bother. Its not like anybody would drive by Paz Funeraria just to get free Internet via Wifi.

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