Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 3 of Wake

This morning/noon was Pacquiao's fight against Ghanian Joshua Clottey. Same as every day when there is a Pacquiao fight, very few people are on the streets. So I imagine most of the visitors to the wake today came after the fight. Altogether, the fight was pretty boring. Clottey was avoiding contact and seemed content to just finish the 12 rounds, with Pacquiao winning by unanimous decision. We did not actually watch the match. I just recorded it on my Philips DVDR, as usual for latter viewing.

There was a Christian service tonight at Paz organized by Tito Edward's contacts at BSOP and GCF. Shortly before the start of the service, Tito Edward came to me and told me to do a eulogy. Now, I've never given a eulogy before in my life since it is not very common in the Philippines. Also, we haven't really had a death in the immediately Chiang family since... well, since my brother died back in 1980 (that's 30 years ago!).

I quickly gathered my thoughts and decided to just talk about grandpa based on my (little) memory of time spent with him. I probably talked for about 10 mins then it was Tito Edward's turn. Despite the lack of preparation, my eulogy seem to have been well received. We stayed at the funeral until close to midnight.

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