Friday, March 12, 2010

Kong Kong Passed Away

Our phone rang at 2:30am (yep, that's "AM"). Mom called to tell us that grandpa just passed away at his hospital bed in Cardinal Santos Medical Center. Dad stayed with him overnight and was there when it happened. He died peacefully from his cancer at 89 years old without much pain. He has lived a long life and I guess we just have to be thankful that it was a painless farewell.

Cols and I immediately went over to the hospital. Grandpa was still on the bed although his body was starting to get cold already. They wrapped his jaw to his head just like they do in the local movies to prevent his jaw from opening, I guess. Because once it opens and locks, its very difficult to close it again. His body was cleaned first with a sponge bath, then wrapped while waiting for the cashier to open so we can pay the bill and the funeral parlor can come and pickup the body.

From the hospital, we went back home around 7am and prepared to attend Ethan's last day of school at Links School for Life. Its their closing ceremony and they had a program. Ethan was awarded the most cheerful kid at school title.

From there, I went through the rest of the day without any sleep -- dropped off prints at True Colors; attended a meeting with our HR; then off to La Paz Funeraria along Araneta Ave. in QC at night. The body was placed at Chapel 8 in the 2nd floor of the annex. Its a temporary location as we will move down tomorrow.

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