Friday, December 23, 2011

Samsung Allshare

I was experimenting with Samsung's Allshare feature.  Its a way for Samsung devices to share media among each other.  As far as I can tell, it seems to be Samsung's proprietary implementation of the DLNA standards which allow home devices to "talk" to each other over IP.

I can use my Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone to play its audio and video content on my Samsung LED TV.  My Samsung TV can also "see" what's on my phone and play it (if the format is supported) -- all using our home Wifi network.  Its pretty cool!

Samsung's proprietary implementation does not seem to be setting well in the forums though.  Many people are complaining that it does not adhere to the DLNA standards even though Samsung is claiming they are.  For example, if you run a DLNA server software on Linux, Samsung cannot "see" it.  Samsung devices seem to only work if you use their Windows-based Allshare server software on a Windows PC.  I've haven't tested this part yet.

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