Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day of 2007

I had a very lazy day today since Caitlin slept over at the folks' house. And since Cols was busy preparing for New Year's Eve, I had the TV and the Philips DVD Recorder all to myself! I was finally able to catch up on the recorded episodes of Heroes Season 2 on Crime/Suspense (C/S) channel. And thanks to the Philips DVD Recorder, skipping through the commercials was a breeze. But even though there were about 8 recorded episodes, turns out that C/S has replays of the same episodes every other week or so. So there were really just about 6 unique episodes -- and I missed the first one. So I guess I have to download it somehow from NBC (they seem to be denying Philippine Internet users access to the full episodes).

Today also marks the last day of C/S in SkyCable's cable channel. But luckily, Solar (the company broadcasting C/S, Jack TV, etc.) will be moving C/S to the slot of RPN 9 on free tv. So I will still get to watch the rest of the episodes. I just don't know where I can still watch WWE Raw with Jack TV gone from Sky's lineup.

We had our New Year's Eve dinner at Legend Seafood near World Trade Center. Auntie Betty (Nikki's mother-in-law) joined us, along with the rest of the family -- Grandpa, Grandma, Tito Ben, Tita Car, Tito Bert & family. From there, we passed by Shella's place at North Greenhills to settle a debt before the turn of the year. Then it was time to go back to Valle for the annual Chiang "tradition" of blowing fireworks (with mom doing her usual antics) and the media noche. The kids stayed at Valle while only Cols and I went back to Rockwell with a maid at around 2am.

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