Monday, December 24, 2007

Where is God?

Since its Dec 24, Malacanang called off work today (there's just too much holidays in the Philippines much to the dismay of foreign investors). Caitlin and I took our time waking up and getting to the breakfast table. While eating my apple pie, and Caitlin eating her usual porridge, Caitlin asked a deep question out-of-the-blue -- where is God? You know, like where does He live? How come I can't seem him? Metaphysical stuffs that I don't even know where to begin answering. She continued -- is he up there? So I just said yes, way up beyond the clouds so she can't see him. Good thing she didn't ask further if she can see if him she takes a rocketship. I sort of defrayed the question by telling her to ask her Sunday school teacher the same question next time.

It would probably be a lot of fun to discuss these things with her when she grows up way, way much older. Maybe we can discuss how heaven is not really "up there" and hell is not really "down there". Maybe there are parallel universes and she can read about the other scientific theories from the likes of Stephen Hawking. Or we can discuss it more philosophically and logically from the works of known atheist Richard Dawkins. Dawkins' recent work (and bestseller) The God Delusion will shake the faith of most people with its cold and brilliant logic. It attempts to answer very common questions about the existence (or, rather, non-existence) of a supreme being and Creator-of-all-things, and how Darwin's evolution by natural selection may be the best sounding theory of how everything began. The book is available at myBookstore for those interested.

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