Friday, March 14, 2008

The Absolutely Non-sensical Marimar Grand Finale Fight Scene

Just to make things perfectly clear -- I don't watch cheezy Tagalog telenovelas. I couldn't care less about ABS-CBN vs. GMA fighting over the ratings of prime-time soaps. And I certainly don't care about the grand finale / big wedding scene of Sergio (Dingdong Dantes) to Marimar (Marian Rivera) in GMA7's top-rating soap Marimar (or is it supposed to be "MariMar"?). But since my 4-year old daughter, Caitlin, had to go to sleep already and she did not want to miss the big wedding scene, I had to record the episode for her using my trusty Philips DVDR.

What was recorded on my DVDR had to be one of the stupidest fight scene I have ever seen -- EVER! Its so dumb that I can't imagine how this tv series has managed to be the top-rating show for the past 8 months or so (well, for the guys, I can sort of understand because Marian Rivera is pretty hot). But seriously, if that fight scene was representative of the quality of the story for the entire season, then I have to say its really lame!

I started recording at around the scene where Marimar was fighting the evil character played by Katrina Halili. Sorry, but I have no idea what is the name of Katrina's character, so for the purpose of this blog entry, I will refer to her as "The Evil Lady". Anyway, their fight began at a place which kind of resembled a junk yard. It was a night scene. And Sergio were fighting the guys -- I think he was there to rescue Marimar. It was good kick-ass action with Marimar slamming The Evil Lady's head onto the car window a couple of times, and causing her face to bleed everywhere. The Evil Lady runs away and Marimar runs after her. Take note that this was a night scene.

Then in the next scene, it was already mid-day / broad daylight -- and Marimar was still running after The Evil Lady! So let me get this straight -- they were like chasing each other for at least the past 8 hours?! They were no longer in the junk yard but were in some open field /hill (well, surely after running for at least 8 hrs they must have left the junk yard already) and there was a white helicopter waiting with its blades whirling already.

Hmm... was that Marimar's chopper or was it the getaway vehicle for Evil Lady? Well, Evil Lady went straight to the helicopter and boarded it with Marimar hot on her heels and also boarded it before it had the chance to lift off. Aha! So it must be the getaway vehicle for Evil Lady! I mean, otherwise, it would not make any sense to run and board your enemy's (Marimar's) chopper, right? I think.

Then Marimar and Evil Lady duked it out at the back seat of the chopper while the pilot lifts-off and mysteriously hovers about 10 ft. off the ground for a really long time -- or at least really long enough for Sergio to come from nowhere. Presumably he has been running the past 8 hrs also looking for Marimar. Strangely, in the previous scene when he was talking to Richard Gomez's character at the same junk yard, he did not even have any idea that Marimar was in the same place. So how the heck did he figure out where to chase them?! But anyway, since the pilot conveniently hovered his chopper a few feet off the ground for what seemed like an eternity, Sergio makes it and jumps to catch the landing gear of the chopper. He then hangs on there uselessly while the ladies continue to kick each other at the back seat.

Now as to why the chopper pilot lifted off with the ladies fighting at the back totally did not make sense to me either. If assuming that the white chopper is really the getaway vehicle, then that makes the pilot the Evil Henchman. What self-respecting Evil Henchman would fly the chopper instead of just keep it grounded and helping your Evil Mistress against her lone opponent?! Surely the two of you can beat the crap out of Marimar; dump her out of the chopper; then fly away to safety! But NO! The Evil Hencman/Pilot decides to lift-off with his mistress in apparent danger.

Anyway, going back to the fight, Marimar manages to kick Evil Lady out of the chopper. She miraculously manages to catch the landing gear of the chopper also to stop her fall. (Evil Pilot should have landed back his chopper so that Evil Lady will not fall.) Since Sergio was on the other landing gear, Sergio gives her a kick in the gut causing her to lose her hold on the landing gear and falling to her death. I guess the chopper must have flown farther up than the initial 10 ft where it was hovering from earlier (although I never noticed it).

Evil Lady falls to her death. Then the camera pans to show some crocodiles. Then next scene shows Evil Lady's dead body being dragged off the camera (presumably by the crocs). Ok, where the heck did the crocs come from?! Marimar and Evil Lady were running in some open field /hill. It wasn't in some marshland. Crocs just don't hang around regular open fields where choppers can land.

Then next scene shows Marimar and Sergio cuddling inside the chopper. I guess Sergio must have eventually figured out how to climb the chopper from the landing gear. And to add insult to injury, Evil Henchman/Pilot flies them away into safety (and to their impending wedding)! Huh?! If you were the Evil Pilot, why the heck would you do that? Its not like Sergio had a gun pointed to his head telling him to drive. He was doing it voluntarily!

Could it be then that the white chopper was really Marimar's or Sergio's all along, and not Evil Lady's? But if so, why didn't the pilot just keep the chopper grounded and help Marimar beat the crap out of Evil Lady? Why lift off and put their lives in danger? And why did Evil Lady run into the chopper with Marimar hot on her heels if it was Marimar's chopper all along? Who would run head-on to her enemy's getaway vehicle?!

And to think that all these senseless action scenes happened in a span of like 10 mins (minus the long dragging commercials in-between, of course). Arrgghh!! Who knows that other illogical plot actually transpired in the past 8 months?!

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