Saturday, March 8, 2008

CSA Family Fun Day

Its a Saturday morning but we had to get up early to go to Colegio de San Agustin (CSA). Its Family Fun Day today and the parents get to join the kids in a sportsfest. We got to school around 8:00am and were assembled at the covered basketball courts. Today is the Fun Day for the different Nursery sections -- all five of them. Caitlin's section (Compassion) is the green team. So Cols and I had to wear green shirts also.

The day started with a prayer, an oath for sportsmanship and some warm-ups. The more active parents joined the torch-lighting ceremony amidst a background music from Chariots of Fire. The contestants were divided into two groups. The first one comprises of sections A to C (including Compassion). The second was for sections D and E, which had a much larger student population as compared to the total of A to C (not sure why).

The first contest was a simple race relay with two contestants running holding a baton together. There were a total of about 12 pairs. Student pairs and parent pairs alternated. Cols and I did not join this race. Caitlin was partnered with Francine, who was much smaller than her, so Caitlin was kind of dragging her along. The Compassion team handily won this contest.

I joined the second contest which was kinda similar in concept. It was also a relay race with the kids running to a table at the end of the relay and stacking up some blocks. Then the parent would run to the same place and un-stack the blocks. The cycle repeats until all parents and students finish. Our Compassion team won first place again on this one.

I got to experiment a bit with taking "action" or motion shots on my Canon EOS 400D. I just used the kit lens at aperture priority setting. Then I focused on the moving subject while panning the camera along and pressing the shutter button. The result is still a bit blurry but gives the desired effect I want.

To see the other shots of the CSA Fun Day, visit my web album by clicking the image below.

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