Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Hunting @ Rockwell

Caitlin and the Easter Bunny Caitlin had her first Easter Egg Hunt today at the event organized by the Rockwell Club. We proceeded to the Palm Grove at around 10am to secure our seats. There were egg painting contests, balloon animals, and games.

The actual egg hunt was done at the function rooms. There were 3 rooms assigned for this purpose and kids of different age range were assigned a room (otherwise, it wouldn't be fair to put a 10 year old kid with 4 year olds). And to prevent crowding, the organizers only allowed 5 kids at a time in the room to look for eggs within 5 mins. Eggs that were found were converted to candies.

Simple lunch of spaghetti and pizza were served. Ethan only came down to watch but did not participate as the minimum age for the hunt is 3 years old.

See all my other pics of the Egg Hunt here.

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