Wednesday, April 1, 2009

KFC Wow Meal

I didn't feel like taking a long walk this lunch time so I went to the usual, tried-and-tested KFC right across our building along Leviste Street. That branch is always full during lunch hour so I try to avoid the crowd by going there past 12:30pm.

I was planning to go with my usual 1-piece chicken meal (original flavor, of course) when I noticed a new item on the menu. There's the Wow Steak chicken meal for only Php53. That's a far cry from the 1-piece chicken meal which is already at Php83. What gives? Its the same 1-piece chicken with rice and soda. Well, since I wasn't that hungry anyway, I went for the Wow meal.

Brought back my styrofoam pack to the office. When I opened it, I thought to myself: "Wow! This piece of chicken is so tiny!". Maybe that's why they called it a "Wow" meal -- because that's the reaction of people when they see how small it is.

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