Wednesday, April 8, 2009

YCMK Midnight Outing at Antipolo

With the long Holy Week starting tomorrow, half of our store crew closed early and arranged for an evening outing. From the office, I had dinner at home first, then proceeded to the store around 10pm by myself since Cols is in Korea with the folks. I brought the Altis and our store manager, Harry, brought his van. We convoyed to Bosay Resort in Antipolo.

Bosay is about 20 minutes away from the store. We went straight along Sumulong; went up the Antipolo mountain, passing through Cloud 9; then to the other side, passing through the Ynares sports center. We turned right on a small street with a hospital being renovated at the corner. From there, it was a couple of minutes drive to the resort.

The resort was amazingly jam-packed at night. There was a long queue of people trying to get in. Luckily, we made reservations so we were able to get through. I guess everyone had the same idea in ushering in the long weekend -- through an all-night swimming party.

We had dinner first. Well, for the guys from the store, this was dinner even though its already almost midnight. For me, it was a second light dinner/midnight snack. We had grilled liempo, fried chicken, noodles and punch. After dinner, everyone changed to their swimming attire (except me, since I had no plans of swimming at night).

Bosay has 3 separate pools spread out in its hilly terrain. There was just sooooo many people. By my estimate, there was easily more than a thousand people inside the resort complex at that time of night. The parking areas were also crowded. We were able to squeeze in in one of the pools where the crew had some games.

From Bosay Outing

I stayed until past 1:30am. Was really starting to get sleepy and I was not sure how to get home from there. I do recall that this was the same route we took last time we went to Punta de Fabian in Baras for our workshop because I recall passing the same Ynares sports complex. With general directions from our riders, I took a different route via Cainta, then Pasig. The highway eventually intersected C5 and I easily found my way home from there. Got home around 2am feeling very tired and sleepy.

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