Thursday, April 9, 2009

With Ethan at Riverwalk

With nothing much to do this Holy Week and with Cols and Caitlin in Korea, I picked up a book that I was supposed to read last  year but never got around to doing.  Black Order by James Rollins has been on my Shelfari virtual shelf for so long.  Its a Sigma Force novel, which I think took place before Judas Strain.  If you like Dan Brown or Michael Crichton stuffs (and I do), you're gonna love James Rollins' books.

Anyway, I read the book while looking over Ethan sleeping at the guest room.  When Ethan woke up, I took him to the Marikina Riverbanks.  The Riverwalk is the paved riverside in the Riverbanks complex.  It was developed to be a park, or well, a delapidated-looking one at least.  Its clean, but the river itself is quite dirty and stinks

From Marikina Riverwalk

In recent years, the riverbank has been known to be infested with janitor fishes.  I guess they're the only fish specie that can survive the stench.  They looked disgusting too -- bobbing up and down the murky waters of the river like some alien creature.

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