Friday, April 10, 2009

Reconfiguring My Old Linksys WAP54G

The Belkin wifi access point (WAP) + DSL router that I bought from the Microwarehouse sale last year did not live up to its wifi access range.  I installed it at our den where the Bayantel DSL modem was located, and its range hardly reaches the second floor of our house.  I don't know if its because I placed it under the study table, which is made of solid wood, or the walls of the den are significantly blocking the signal.  Or maybe its tiny antenna just does not generate enough juice.

I tried to install another WAP at the second floor today with no luck.  This is the old Linksys WAP54G that we bought back in 2005(?) and was originally placed at our Yellow Cab Marikina store.  Since I could not find the installer CD, I downloaded a setup program over the Internet.  The setup program asked for the WAP's password.  Unfortunately, I could not remember the password so I cannot change the settings.  I tried pressing the reset button at the back to no avail.

After reading some forum postings, I found out that you have to keep it pressed for about 60 seconds.  Tried it and it seem to have reset the IP addresses and SSID to the default.  However, the admin password is not being reset.  Other people in the forum seem to have encountered the same problem and a guy commented that the setup program has to match the firmware version.  Otherwise, it just won't work.  So maybe that's the problem.  I have to look for my old installer CD.  Bummer.

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