Monday, September 21, 2009

Checking Out La Mesa Ecopark

Its yet another long weekend holiday today -- Ramadan. I've lost track of how many holidays the government has called for the year. I decided to bring the family to La Mesa Eco Park. I've been hearing about this dam-turned-into-an-eco-friendly-leisure-destination from the media for sometime so I looked up how to get there. At first, I thought it was somewhere in Montalban, but it turned out to be much closer -- just at Fairview, barely a 15-min drive from our house.
The place was packed today. It was hard finding a place to park. Our first stop was the zip lining attraction. When we were about to enter the area, we heard somebody shouting Caitlin's name. Turns out her ICA Kinder Daisy teacher Racquel was already in line at the zip line waiting for her turn.

Since the queue for the zip line was quite long, I decided to try the wall climbing attraction adjacent to it. Last time I did this was 7 to 8 years ago. It did not take me long to get my rhythm though. I reached the top in a couple of minutes!

Cols went for the zip lining activity. I wasn't too keen on it since I've already done zip lining in Cagayan de Oro before and this one was pretty short. In fact, its just almost one-way -- from the main platform; across the lake; to the other side. Then from the other side, you would do a quick zip that will only take you about the middle of the line. From there, you have to manually pull yourself back to the main platform. I don't know why they didn't just build a higher platform on the other side so that the gravity will take you all the way across instead of stopping midway and forcing you to manually pull yourself. According to Cols, the worst part of the attraction is actually the really smelly helmet and gloves. Apparently, they never wash them!

After zip lining, Ethan was getting restless already so Cols had to take him back to the car. Caitlin still wanted to go boating so I accompanied her. The man-made lake was only 4-ft deep. The attraction is sponsored by Aboitiz. Ironically, an Aboitiz Super Ferry just sank a few weeks ago.

After the boat ride, it started to rain. So Caitlin and I hurried back to the main deck. Cols drove the car over to pick us up and we left the park.

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