Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Deceptive Celeteque Ad

Billboards for the new anti-aging moisturizer Celeteque Advanced has been popping up all over Metro Manila. The ad claims that in 6 weeks, you can see a reduction of up to 92% of your wrinkles. Hmmm..., ok. I don't know how the industry actually regulates the age-old adage of "Truth in Advertising", but so far, based on the billboards I've seen, it is so obvious that the image is 'doctored' by Adobe Photoshop.

The ad copy shows a comparison of a woman's photo - one supposedly taken from Week 1, and the other on Week 6. Now, it doesn't really take a genius to figure this out, but it is so blatantly obvious that the "Week 1" photo and the "Week 6" photo are one and the same. The only difference is the Week 6 photo went through some digital image manipulation to remove the wrinkles and whiten her complexion. But everything from the angle of the photo, the lighting effect, the facial expression, etc. point clearly to the fact that its the same photo!

Now, I am not saying that the product does not do what it claims to do. Perhaps it can really perform miracles in 6 weeks. What I just find offensive with the whole campaign is the fact that they obviously used digital image manipulation to fool people. If they were really serious in their claim, why not take a real photo of that woman in Week 1, then again in Week 6 and let the audience decide. Using Photoshop is a cop-out.

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