Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Linksys is Back

Sometime ago, I posted my problems trying to restore my old Linksys back to its factory default. It seem that the steps I took to reset it was correct all along. I was just trying to login using the wrong default id and password. The default of the Linksys WAP54G is no username and 'admin' password. The guy at the Microwarehouse support center showed me that he could login to my WAP without any problems.

So I installed the Linksys at our home theater tonight and can now get excellent quality signal from our bedroom (I'm writing this blog entry from our room via Wifi) wheras I still could not get a signal from the small Belkin unit at the den. I think the old-style WAP with dipole antennas still outperform the new ones in the market with small or hidden antennas.

From our ground floor living room, I can get 3 bars from the Linksys upstairs, as compared to, only 1 bar from the Belkin which is just right across the living room.

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