Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BPI Call Center IVR

I've been having a hard time accessing BPI Express Online. When I click on the Personal Login link that will take me to the BPI Express Online login page, it keeps giving me this error message instead:

BPI Express Online has detected a response delay in your access request. You may try again later.

According to the same page, possible reasons are:
  1. A network problem has been encountered causing the slowdown in the transmission of request and/or reply of BPI Expressonline.
  2. BPI Expressonline facility is receiving huge transaction requests.
  3. The network where you are located has installed a firewall parameter which limits your access to send and/or receive requests to/from BPI Expressonline.
I encounter the same problem at home using a Bayan DSL and at the office using Mozcom's various links. So I decided to call up the BPI Call Center number listed there for assistance.

I blogged a couple of months ago about Citibank's phone system's Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) that takes you nowhere. Surprise, surprise -- BPI is another culprit. I kept going around in circles trying to figure out where to get help for BPI Express Online. Its simply not anywhere in the menu. If you choose "others", it will eventually take you to a submenu where there's really no other option that fits anything.

So just like with Citibank before, I went for the tried-and-tested "report-a-lost-card". That is always guaranteed to land you with a live operator. Sure enough, it did. Unlike with Citibank where the operator was still willing and able to assist me even though I was not reporting a lost card, the BPI operator insisted that she should transfer me to the concerned person. I told her that their IVR has no option related to ExpressOnline. So she gave me a tip -- when you dial the BPI Hotline (89-100), just hit "000" (that's 3 zeroes) the moment you hear the IVR starts talking. That will take you straight to a human operator!

Anyway, going back to my problem, the operator was pretty vague. She asked me standard questions like what browser I was using, etc. I can tell that she was just reading it off from her checklist. At the end, she gave me a reference number and ask me to call back in 3 days for a result in their investigation as other customers are apparently experiencing the same problem.


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My impression/experience with BPI, is that they'll look for a reason that make it appear that the problem is with you, and if they can't find, just ignore. You'll not hear anymore from them.
Expect the unexpected, good luck!
BPI - Make the best HAPPEN! (daw) :(