Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not-so-sizzling Pepper Steak

Had lunch with Cols at Sizzling Pepper Steak along Katipunan. This is my second time to have lunch there. I wasn't too happy with my meal today. The rice that they served on the sizzling plate was regular, plain rice. It was not even "pepper rice". Service was a bit slow. There were only two people serving -- one was doubling as the cashier and the other seem to be doubling as a kitchen crew. The serving was pretty big though -- lots of rice. Couldn't finished it so I had it doggy-bagged for breakfast tomorrow.

I think Pepper Lunch at Rockwell Power Plant is way much better. Its a bit more expensive compared to Sizzling Pepper Steak. Sizzling Pepper Steak is part of the Pancake House group. Pepper Lunch is part of an international franchise.

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anthony said...

Bad experience with their Glorietta 5 branch. Very bad service. By the time they serve your food, your hunger has passed. We ended up canceling my son's order because it's talking so long and ask my kid to just eat at Sbarro, which is beside Sizzling Pepper Steak in Glorietta 5. Me, my wife and other kid, our orders came one after the other (but without my other kid's order) after about 30 minutes of waiting. Not ever coming back.