Saturday, September 25, 2010

Japanese Eat-All-You-Can @ Libis

We treated out my folks tonight at the new Japanese eat-all-you-can + smokeless grill along C5 in front of Eastwood City called Bono Yaki. Its similar in concept to the wildly popular Yaki Mix, except its about P100 cheaper per head. :) For a peak Saturday night dinner, we were charged about P550++/head. The kids did not really eat much, but they still charged us P350 for Caitlin (Ethan was free).

The food was ok. Not really fantastic. The sushi and sashimi selection was very restricted. The tempura shrimps are nothing to write home about. I thought Saisaki's ebi tempura's are even better. The food is a mix of Japanese, Korean (Jap Chae) and Chinese (sweet and sour pork).

The total bill came out to more than P3,000 for 5 adults and 2 kids. Its a bit expensive if you are not really a big eater. If you're into Japanese buffets, I guess you can give it a try, but I wouldn't really give it a two-thumbs-up recommendation.

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