Sunday, January 23, 2011

Home Fileserver

I installed a file server at home this past week. There was a spare PC lying around. I think its either an old Celeron or an AMD Sempron on an ECS motherboard. It used to be the POS at our store. But after Ondoy, we replaced several of our equipment.

Anyway, I installed Turnkey Linux's File Server Appliance on it. I love the stuffs from Turnkey Linux. This is the third type of pre-configured appliance I've downloaded from them. There's the Wordpress Virtual Machine appliance that I'm using for Dragonpay. I'm also running three (3) barebone core Linux virtual machines. Now, its the File Server appliance.

The File Server image is available in both ISO and VM format. Since I wanted to test first how it behaves, I initially played around with the VM version by running it under the free VMWare Player. It worked without any configuration necessary. My Windows XP could immediately see the SAMBA share from the VM.

For the home file server, I burnt the ISO image onto a CD-ROM disc. It took me some time to get the old PC to boot from it mainly because my CD-ROM drives are all unusable already. I had to throw away three old CD-ROM drives before finding an old Asus one that still worked. Installation from there was a breeze. The installer CD prompts you for basic things and reformats/repartitions your drive. Enter an IP address and you're off. A quick check from our home Windows XP shows the share is already available.

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