Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dragonpay Blog

I wanted my Turnkey Wordpress appliance to maintain 2 separate blogs under the same website. According to my tech guy, the Wordpress content management system can only maintain a blog for 1 Wordpress "page". So its not possible to have the equivalent of 2 blogs under the same installation.

Since the main purpose of my Wordpress appliance is to host the main Dragonpay website, I decided to use an external blog for the Dragonpay Official Blog. For that, I went to my trusted Blogger account. I started a second blog under my same account. It seems that a single account can have an unlimited number of blogs under it. I picked a template; customized the host/domain name to use instead of the default; and I was up and blogging in a few minutes!

I just got stumped with one minor hitch. I was wondering why articles I post stay as "scheduled" even if the time has already passed. After some tinkering, I found out that all new blogs are assumed to be based on US Pacific Standard Time. Since Manila is about 16 hours ahead of Pacific Time, there was a lag in the time my scheduled posts are being published. To change the timezone, you just need to go to Settings >> Formatting.

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