Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last Day with Eyeglasses

I've been wearing my eyeglasses for the past 7 days in preparation for my Lasik corrective eye surgery tomorrow at American Eye Center. I've been a bit anxious about it the whole week. My eye exam last week showed that my eyesight can be corrected by laser surgery.

However, since I'm hitting 40 soon, my internal lens have started to deteriorate due to "old age". So even though my near-sightedness will be corrected, I might still have to wear reading glasses soon. *groan* I have been having a hard time focusing on very near objects especially early in the morning (ex. while having breakfast).

My surgeon (aka. EyeMD) is Dr. Alnette Tan. She was the same doctor who performed Lasik on my brother-in-law, Alvin. She asked me to try out "monovision" correction first. What that essentially mean is they fully correct one eye (my right eye) and only partially correct the other one (my left eye).

The idea is the right eye will be able to see far and compensate for the weaker left eye; and the left eye will be able to see nearer objects like fine print labels. They made me wear 2 contact lenses -- 3.50 for my right and 2.50 for my left to simulate monovision. I didn't really like it, so I'm opting for the full correction.

The surgery should only take about 15 mins, but I will be uncomfortable watching TV or computer after 48 hours. So my next blog entry will be next week most likely!

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