Tuesday, July 13, 2010

US Visa for Ethan

I accompanied Ethan to the US Embassy this afternoon for his Visa interview. Well, it was really my interview since they can't possibly ask him directly. The interview was originally scheduled for July 4. But due to my negligence, I did not request for an NSO birth certificate. So I had to re-book the interview. Good thing everything can be done online nowadays. No need to wait long on the phone and listen to long IVR's.

Our interview was scheduled at 2pm, but we got there with plenty of time to spare at 12:30pm. We parked at Quirino Grandstand and just walked over the short distance. It was drizzling a bit so Ethan wore his yellow Pooh raincoat.

The process flow has slightly changed since the last time I was here (2 years ago). There was no longer any need to wait at the "pavilion". We went straight to fingerprinting. But since Ethan was below age, he was not required to scan his finger.

We waited a long time until we got called at around 3:30pm. It was a very short interview. The consul did not bother asking me to show any financial data, nor did he even ask for the NSO papers. I guess he knew from his data that I have a US visa already, so he just immediately approved one for Ethan.

Next stop -- Canadian visas for my family!

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