Saturday, July 4, 2009

Disparity in Gas Prices

I'm just amazed at how large the disparity of gas prices can be nowadays between different gas stations. Today, for example, Shell Katipunan and C5 charges Php37 per liter for their Unleaded/E-10. But go down the road further towards Commonwealth and you will see a Shell Station there charging Php39 for the same product.

Go further to Quezon City and all the gas stations there along Quezon Avenue are also in the Php39 range. QC seem to have the highest gas prices. Certain Caltex outlets seem to be much cheaper than Shell. Caltex Connecticut/EDSA is around Php35 and the Caltex on the south-bound lane going towards Guadalupe only charges Php34. That's a Php5/liter difference compared to those QC stations!

I recently opened a Shell Citi Visa to avail of Shell's 5% gas rebate. The tricky part that I found out afterwards is not all Shell stations participated to the promo. I guess most of the Shell franchisees did not opt in as it would lower their profits.

HSBC has a similar scheme going with Caltex. They claim also giving a 5% rebate. But the catch is -- as Cols found out much later, you can only avail of it if your total monthly purchases hit something like Php50k. What a rip-off!

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