Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trying Out Twitter

Everybody seems to be onto Tweeter nowadays. Its like a micro-blog or micro-diary of what you are doing at a point in time. Frankly, I still don't quite see what is so great about having a service that lets you type what you are currently doing in about 140 characters. But nonetheless, all the big name tech companies seem to have a Tweeter site. So here goes.

I created a Tweeter account for our online payment gateway, Mozcom PayEasy. The site can be accessed at http://tweeter.com/MozcomPayEasy. My first Tweeter username choice was actually just plain 'PayEasy'. But it looks like somebody beat me to it. And whatever that person did seem to be not so nice because Tweeter shows a message that the account has been blocked. Probably somebody doing a financial-related scam.

Just as Google seems to like indexing blogs, it also actively indexes Tweeter contents. So for those who are interested in search engine optimization, extending one's website to Tweeter seem to help in getting found. I made a couple of initial entries onto my Tweeter account, and within the hour, I started getting Google Alerts on PayEasy's Tweeter entries.

I also created a Twitter account for Picatoo at http://tweeter.com/Picatoo.

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cpalabrica said...

Hello, I think you got the link wrong. You are referring to "Twitter" and not "Tweeter" right? =)