Tuesday, July 21, 2009

GMA's Drug War A Farcical Show

GMA's government is now again supposedly eyeing the revival of the death penalty after a drug enforcement agent's underaged daughter was kidnapped, drugged and raped. While my heart reaches out for the guy and his daughter, I can't help but feel disgusted again by GMA's farcical response. How many countries in the world do you see the government imposing the death penalty, only to take it back after a couple of years, then put it back and take it back again? Why can't they just make up their mind?

Assuming GMA actually revives it, with election coming up next year, any politician running for office will just kowtow again to the pressures from the Catholic Church. Who would dare lose the blessing of the influential Catholic Church and its millions of voters? And how many times has the Catholic Church meddle in matters of death penalty in the past? Its almost a given already that this will happen yet again.

Tulfo, a known government critic, has his usual colorful commentary regarding GMA's response over the event.

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