Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mushroom Burger @ Katipunan

Just came home from dinner at the newly opened (well, about a month ago) Mushroom Burger branch along Katipunan, in front of Ateneo Gate 2. The place seem to have a good dining crowd since its opening considering its standing toe-to-toe with the big one -- McDonalds right next door (whose red-and-yellow color scheme and the Golden Arches resembling Mushroom Burger's color scheme and "M" logo as well).

I had the basic mushroom burger with cheese that came with fries and Pepsi. I've tasted mushroom burger once or twice before at their flagship Tagaytay branch. The fact that their mushroom-based patties taste like regular beef patty is a bit of a novelty, I guess. And I would assume several people come here just to try it out.

But once you've tasted it, you'll come to the conclusion (at least to me) that nothing still beats those fatty, cholesterol-laden, lard-fried, all-beef patties. I think unless you are really a vegetarian, I can't think of a compelling reason to prefer these mushroom-based patties over good-ol' succulent beef. I'm not really referring to the burgers of McDo or Jollibee since they are just about at par with this. I'm referring more to the "gourmet burger" industry that is popping up including Army Navy, Wham Burger, Bite Club, Crave Burger, and the original, Brothers Burger.

As for Mushroom Burger's fries, nothing special at all. In fact, I would say its below par compared to the other mainstream burger fast food joints.

The overall "ambiance" and look-and-feel of the place falls short of expected global fast food standards. The floor looks dirty and unmopped. The tables and chairs look like those from a cafeteria. The kitchen crew, cashier and service crew just don't look "right". I'm not saying they are bad people, its just that they look much older than what one would expect from a fast food chain which normally hire younger people because they cater to a younger crowd. :P

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