Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crave Burger @ White Plains

I tried out Crave Burger along Katipunan Ave. in White Plains. Tita Maricar is all praises for it. Its a burger franchise that actually traces its roots from Iloilo (maybe Tita Car knows the owners).

The place is small but all the tables are full. Not bad considering its only lunch hour and its not exactly an office area. I ordered a basic burger with additional toppings of caramelized onions. It did not take long for the food to be served.

My verdict -- mmmm.... the bun was nothing special. It tasted like regular bread bought from a supermarket. I did not think there was any special preparation done on it. Just sliced it open and stick the patty in between. The burger patty was quite generous (it better be for a P100++ burger). But again, nothing particularly fantastic about the taste. And the caramelized onion -- certainly nothing to write home about. It pales way in comparison to Bite Club's caramelized onions.

As for the motif or "ambiance", I did not particularly feel that it had any distinct character. Eric Puno's Army Navy Burger and Burritos is a much better thought-out concept. Incidentally, I think Army Navy's burgers tasted better than Crave's, although the patty is a bit thinner for about the same price. The Crave at White Plains also doubles as a small office on the side. And the wash room and sink is on the office side. So while you eat at the restaurant, you find yourself entering the side office to wash your hands. Something's very wrong with this scenario.

Overall, I am not really impressed with the food nor the concept.

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