Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mysterious Phone Bills from PLDT and Globe

While viewing the details of our PLDT wireless landline billing, I noticed 2 calls that looked unusual. They were both NDD calls supposedly from Paranaque to a Cebu landline. It was strange because we never call Cebu, and the dates seem very unlikely that Cols would be in Paranaque.

I called up PLDT to complain. The call center lady readily admitted that their wireless landline service has been experiencing a lot of these types of erroneous billings. She just asked me to pay in full and that they will just adjust it in the future. I find the incident very strange considering the wireless landline is just like any other Smart GSM mobile phone except its prefix is not '09xx'. This makes one really wonder whether Smart is also mis-billing us for our mobile service.

Perhaps coincidentally, our store Globe landline bill also has suspicious calls to Sun and Globe/TM. After talking with our store managers, and making actual calls to the suspicious number reveals that the calls could not have originated from the store. So I also called up Globe call center to complain.

Unlike PLDT, I was really turned off by the answer of the Globe contact center person. She said they could not do any adjustment (assuming they even will) because we're in the middle of a billing period and that their system does not allow any adjustment until cut-off. Otherwise, their system invalidates any adjustment requests. So she asked me to call back again in about 3 weeks after the cut-off and make a complaint again. How weird!

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