Monday, May 10, 2010

National Election Day

Amidst the spectre of a failure of election due to the complete failure of the PCOS machines in tallying the votes in the first ever computerized polls in the Philippines, election went on today with much anticipation. Cols and I went to the LGV community center around 9am to cast our vote. It was very orderly. We waited for about half an hour outside underneath the tents for our turn. Then when our numbers were called, we went into the air-conditioned area to fill-up our ballots and cast the vote.

I filled-up my president and veep candidates (of course, I voted for Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas) by shading the ovals. Then I merrily shaded my senators. I did not prepare a list so I just went through the names and started shading those I like. After several shadings, it suddenly hit me -- I've shaded way too many! I counted back, and yikes, I was already on my 17th senator (we're only supposed to vote for 12)! Ay caramba!

I went to the polling people and told them I made a major boo-boo and asked what to do next. The girl (the one in the photo) said that my ballot will be completely invalidated. Arrgghh! The first ever computerized poll in history and I blotched it! D'oh! and double d'oh! I tried clarifying it to the guy behind the desk (partially hidden in the picture) and he said that as far as he knows, only my senatorial line-up will be disregarded while the rest should be ok.

After filling up the party list and local mayor, vice mayor, councilors and congressman candidates, I submitted my form to the PCOS machine and it did not complain. So the guy says that confirms that my vote for the other posts should be ok. Phew! At least, its not a total disaster.

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