Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peace and Quiet with my New Power Supply

My office PC's power supply has been really annoying me for the longest time. Whenever I cold boot my first thing in the morning, it emits this really loud fan sound. I have to slap the power supply a couple of times everytime to lose the sound. Once that loud sound is gone, what remains is the high-pitched whining sound (kinda like a small jet engine turbine) which drones on for the rest of the day.

Well, that high-pitched sound has made me reach my limit today. I really could not think straight with that annoying sound. I was suspecting that perhaps this sound is from my CPU's fan. So I called our tech guys for help and they diagnosed the problem to still be related to my power supply.

The guys replaced my generic power supply with a branded one from HEC. This power supply costs about Php3k, but let me tell you -- its worth every peso! I don't recall my office room to ever be this quiet! Its like there's no PC running. Sure, a generic power supply costs only between Php500 to Php1k. But the lost productivity is probably worth more than the Php2k differential.


忠元 said...
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orly_andico said...

From the lowly "Akari" Compact Fluorescent Lamp to million-dollar robotic pick-and-place equipment, it's the power supply where the Chinese cut corners most often, with often disastrous results.

But who am I kidding, I'm using a generic 1000-peso power supply on my home PC, which is ironic given how much the PC (and video card) costs!