Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life Begins @ 40?

The day I've been dreading the whole year has finally arrived. Its my birthday today! And I guess it had to happen sooner or later -- I turned 40 today. :( Yeah, maybe some people are excited about reaching the milestone, but honestly, I feel kind of depressed about the whole "getting old" thing.

I rushed Cols to the Medical City ER this past Sunday night due to severe pain in the lower back. The ER doctor advised us to see a urologist because they suspect its kidney stones. So we went back to Medical City today to look for one under Medicard. When Cols called Medicard to get the list of accredited urologists in Medical City, surprise surprise, the name that came up was Dr. Donald Meguizo!

Donald's an old batchmate from Grace. I haven't really seen him since graduation and I probably wouldn't really have recognized him anymore if I met him randomly on the street. But it was good to see a familiar face. After exchanging some basic pleasantries, he confirmed the initial diagnosis from ER that Cols has kidney stones. We arranged to have the "shockwave" treatment done this weekend to get it over with.

We had a small dinner celebration tonight at our house. The folks and Cols' siblings came over to add to the merriment. Dad brought a lechon; we ordered some food at Conti's; then Cols did the rest!

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