Monday, November 22, 2010

A Looong Day

I called my banks this morning to cancel my credit cards since I'm now sure my wallet is really gone. As fate would have it, I actually had to call the bank report-a-lost-card for real!

Then I went straight to the LTO Pasig office this morning to apply for a drivers license replacement. Of course, it follows that I had to drive there first without a license, he he. Luckily, no untoward incident happened along the way. A license replacement is much simpler than a renewal. No need to go through the drug tests, eye/vision exam, etc. You just need to file an affidavit, pay the fees; take a photo; and wait.

The wait was particularly long this morning though. I was there by 9am and I did not get my card until a little past noon. There were not that many people so I don't know what is the main cause of the delay.

The traffic coming home at night was horrendous. It rained and because of that, Metro Manila traffic just got unexplicably congested. It took me 3-hours to get from the office back home. In the meantime, Cols called saying her pain from the kidney stones were getting unbearable. I had to call Dr. Meguizo for some pain killers in the meantime and had the driver buy it since I'm stuck in White Plains. By the time I got home, the driver came back with the medicine and the relief was quite immediately.

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