Friday, November 26, 2010

Globe SIM and Tattoo

Ok, this is probably pretty lame, but I previously thought Globe's Tattoo mobile broadband required a different SIM from the regular one -- a "broadband data-only SIM", if you will. When we bought our HP Mini 110 after the Typhoon Ondoy last year, it came with a free Globe Tattoo USB dongle and prepaid SIM. But when the free prepaid load ran out, I never bothered to reload it since I usually connect my Nokia phone directly to my notebook via USB cable (ie. tethered mode) and surf via 3G. Granted that it drains the phone battery quickly, but since I rarely surf via 3G, it was cost-effective.

Tonight, I decided to test out a theory that I've long suspected. I pulled out the SIM from my regular Globe Handyphone and plugged it into the USB dongle. Voila! It worked! I can surf and send SMS using the dongle-installed software. So I guess there is no difference after all between a Tattoo broadband SIM and a regular Handyphone SIM. So if I need to do long surfing and don't want to drain my phone battery, I guess I just have to take out the SIM and insert it into the Tattoo dongle.

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